Consumer Protection

Mike Gianaris was one of New York’s chief consumer protection attorneys for several years before his election to the State Assembly, and continues to be a tireless advocate for consumer rights.

Never afraid to take on the powerful on behalf of the public, Mike sued the State to prevent the misuse of $400 million in federal money intended to help downtown Manhattan recover from the terrorist attacks of 9/11. As a result, those funds will be spent where they belong – to help lower Manhattan get back on its feet. Mike wrote the Airline Passenger’s Bill of Rights, ensuring that passengers kept waiting for over three hours or more on an airport tarmac are given basic necessities like fresh water, hot food and access to clean lavatories. The Obama Administration has now implemented the provisions of Mike’s bill nationally.

Mike is also a leader in efforts to give neighborhoods a voice in what takes place in their communities. His landmark legislation to require a process for community input in the sitting of cellular antennas is proof that Mike puts the public interest above all else.