Public Safety

As the greatest city in the world, we know from experience that New York is the number one target for those looking to do us harm. In order to protect not only our personal safety but also our economy and jobs, Mike Gianaris is leading the way to a safer New York.

He wrote one of the State’s first major anti-terror laws after 9/11 – a new law that will force private owners of sensitive sites like power plants and chemical storage facilities to guarantee they are doing all they can to protect us from an attack. His approach is nationally recognized for its success and is leading to further efforts around the country modeled on his ideas.

But Mike will not rest until we feel safe not only from terrorists but from home-grown criminals as well. He is a leading advocate of combating sexual predators by improving our sex offender registry, known as Megan’s Law, and is fighting to keep New Yorkers safe from drunk and reckless drivers.