Government Reform

Mike Gianaris knows, now more than ever, everyday New Yorkers have lost their faith in state government. Too many scandals. Too many bad newspaper headlines. That’s why Mike entered public service in the first place – to make sure that the hard-working families of this state know that their government is working for them and them alone.

Mike’s ideas for improving state government are credited by the New York Times with holding “the real key to reform” in Albany.

A sponsor of the successful efforts to change the legislative process to create more openness and transparency, Mike was instrumental in the adoption of the state’s first on-time budget in over 20 years. He also helped end the six-week stalemate in the State Senate caused by a Republican power-grab. His creative solution of appointing a Lieutenant Governor put state government back on track, ending the paralysis and getting the Senate to attend to the people’s business.

But Mike realizes that the steps already taken are just the first of many needed to restore the public’s trust in its representatives. He believes that true reform lies in the twin pillars of a fair campaign finance system and independent legislative redistricting.

Leading good government groups throughout the state recognize and support Mike’s proposal to bring more independence to the drawing of legislative districts – an issue for which he is nationally recognized.

Mike looks forward to continuing his efforts to make Albany better and more accountable to our families. The State Senate is in need of reform, and Mike has the skill and the will to bring the change we need to New York’s Capitol.